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The 30 day group program that takes you from stuck to flourishing.

Create habits you can stick to, learn to be consistent and have the support, encouragement and accountability you need along the way.

Launching September 1st


Get unstuck, reframe your relationship with consistency and build a solid road to achievement and success

Do you want to finally follow through on your dreams? Want to feel inspired, motivated, supported and have an action plan? If you’ve been floundering and driving yourself nuts with your propensity to quit on your plans, it’s time to switch things up. You can either keep repeating the same patterns or take a radical step to bring about the change you desire.

Thrive in 30 is for you.

Thrive in 30 is a 30 day group container where you will be supported, uplifted and have the accountability you need  to make your plans stick. Being in a group with people who’ve experienced the same struggles and all have the desire to break their current pattern and shift into a more purposeful life is an absolute game changer.


You commit to a habit you really want to put in place and do that for 30 days with support from the group. In that time, we practice mindset and behavioural changes that will bring you into a more focused, disciplined, motivated space and build the best foundation for you to achieve your goals.


When you sign up, you’ll be sent a survey to complete about your goals and the habit you want to commit to for the duration of the program. We will have a shared spreadsheet where each participants’ habit will be tracked, so you have accountability. When the program starts on September 1st, every day you’ll be sent a motivational quote and a journal prompt. Each member will be required to read a self-help book and post a sentence or paragraph that really resonated with them each day in the group. You’ll be added to our Facebook group where there will be daily discussion and all the encouragement you need. Throughout the 30 days there will be exercises to complete, resources to keep you on track and a cheering squad that has your back.

Not following through on your goals ends today!

The first Thrive in 30 Session begins September 1st. Register your interest here.


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