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My time with Bangs was life-changing - I say that genuinely and without hyperbole. Bangs taught me to  think  really deeply about what I wanted to be different in my life and what was stopping me from getting there. She did this in a safe and compassionate way, so while I felt challenged to think differently, it didn’t feel scary.
Kudos to Bangs - I so enjoyed our time together and am still reaping the benefits months later


I immediately felt at ease working with Bangs. There was no judgment, just an overwhelming feeling that someone genuinely cared about helping me get the most out of my life. She is empowering just by being unapologetically herself, but spending the sessions with her gave me a whole extra level of confidence boost. I would recommend working with her in a heartbeat, so much so that I’m gifting sessions to the women in my life who could use a little dose of her magic. I’m so glad I took the leap, reached out and now feel a million miles closer to the life I want to be living after working with her


Bangs style is take-no prisoners, no nonsense, and direct but peppered with kindness and a very supportive energy. She helped me unleash my own power. I now find myself conducting my life very differently. I am changed, in the good way I deserved. Her uplifting energy is like the healthiest, most amazing, form of drug. Bangs is worth every penny, every second of those zoom calls, every tear I shed, every giggle. She is changing lives for the better. Let her change yours.


Before you concede to failure, ask yourself

Have you been consistent enough to see yourself win?

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