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How to Create Habits That Stick


Tues Aug 1st, 2pm EST

If you:

  • ​Find it impossible to be consistent and stick to your habits

  • Constantly hope willpower or motivation will carry you through

  • Are tired of always having to start over

  • Feel like you're always letting yourself down

Then this Masterclass is for you!

Learn how to create the lasting change you’re striving for by building a foundation that makes it easy to be consistent and stick to the habits that keep you operating at your best. You don’t have to wait for bolts of inspiration to hit you - these tried and tested techniques make it easy to show up for yourself, put the work in and smash your goals

Better yet, I’ll teach you how to fall in love with the process so the work you’re putting into your progress never feels like a chore - you will be HYPED to put these practices into action and find out who you can REALLY be when you show up for yourself consistently.

This is for women who:

  • Are ready to take their shit to the next level

  • Are tired of talking the talk and are ready to walk the walk

  • Want to cultivate habits that help them excel

  • Want to be consistent and make their habits stick

I’m Bangs, your Consistency Coach. I have a fiery, burning passion for all things habits, routine and consistency.

Nothing gets me more excited than talking about the deep change consistency can bring about in your life. Introducing small habits into your life and sticking to them can turn your world on its axis in the best way in just a few short months.

Let me show you how!

Join me Tuesday August 1st at 2pm EST for this FREE masterclass

and get ready to level your life up.


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How to Create Habits that Stick

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